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Twin-Set becomes Twinset Milano and inaugurates a store in New York City

The announcement has been given from the social channels and the Websites belonging to the famous Italian brand, Twin-Set. Through an official release note, the brand has announced the launch of a new logo seeing the addition of “Milan” city name to the Twin-Set trademark. This initiative represents a new step in the evolution of the brand, including a more contemporaneous style, while also preserving the recognizable and transparent Italian origins.


“The Twinset Milano logo is our future and we are excited to share this change with you, as you will find out in our local stores at your city” – the press release has commented yesterday on the company’s profiles on social media and on the official Websites.


The company – founded in 1978 by Simona Barbieri and Tiziano Sgarpi in Carpi (Italy) – has recently opened a store in New York with the new emblem, while in 2018 it is expected to open a store in London as well.

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