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The unwritten uniform of the French Riviera: 209 Mare SS21

209 Mare

Where nautical meets Parisian chic, 209 Mare embodies the unwritten uniform of the French Riviera. Transporting wearers to the golden age, 209 Mare is the brand where aesthetics meets ethics. Elevated beachwear that embodies a lifestyle of timelessness, decadence, class and culture, the SS21 collection is characterised by its investment level quality and its ability to be paired back with each piece in the collection.

Reviving the 70’s with cashmere soft terry towel, the Le Palmier Robes and traditional Beach Blazers are icons of the collection. Crafted from luxurious bamboo fibres, the brand’s signature fabric is not only indulgently soft and anti-bacterial, but also does not cost the earth. Central to the brand’s ethos is living in perfect harmony with the environment, from soaking up golden hour in responsibly sourced materials, to protecting the earth’s precious resources. With respect to its cotton counterpart, bamboo requires just a third of the water to flourish, and certainly without compromising quality.

209 Mare

209 Mare’s love of water also extends to the design of their swimwear. Composed of up-cycled marine plastic with styles ranging from formal to relaxed to sporty, the swim shorts are made from only the finest trims. To celebrate its local heritage, the brand combines each season’s thematic inspiration with work from a local artist to create pieces that are both distinct and authentic.

Creating a world where comfort, beauty and quality intertwine, 209 Mare cuts no corners in manufacturing. Using only the utmost quality cottons, linens and silks, the Riverawear is both loosely tailored, yet cut to perfection, designed to endure season through season.

209 Mare

Edited by Kaija Love

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