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The Luxury Folk presented by Mariaelena Samperi Maison

Mariaelena Samperi

The collections bearing the name of Mariaelena Samperi Maison represent an idea of ready-to-wear developed over a selection of models to be interpreted on a seasonal basis in different materials and nuance palettes.

The Folk soul is characterised by a creative Italian style which is a crossroads among the past, the present and the future.

MMariaelena Samperi Maison

Like the brand’s style, the Autumn/Winter 20-21 collection is designed according to the Luxury Folk style, which features colours, fluid forms, contrast linings, trimmings and prints specifically created by Mariaelena Samperi Maison, including high quality fabrics (ranging from mohair to silk, passing through pure wool and alpaca wool), all to be strictly produced in Italy.

Mariaelena Samperi Maison

This work describes a journey across Nature, during which women wearing Mariaelena Samperi can take back their body and the space around themselves. These women are searching for pure essence and can feel the strong call of Earth and of their origins. They like playing with themselves through the usage of colours and objects which accompany them during the journey. The collection includes new pieces and limited editions.

Mariaelena Samperi Maison thinks about a colourful woman, with a nomadic soul and Italian elegance.

Mariaelena Samperi Maison
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