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The leitmotiv running through Annalisa Baldini’s creations


In 2011, Annalisa Baldini – a woman incredibly full of passion and ambition – has decided to follow her creative, rebellious instinct, indulging in her unstoppable drive towards fashion creation with the usage of valuable fabrics. She has therefore decided to capitalise all the knowledge and expertise acquired during her adolescence, which she mostly spent together with her maternal grandmother, a high-end dressmaker working in Milan (Italy).


After a long stay in New York, where she could breathe different international “contaminations”, she has initially decided to found – with the support of her family – a lingerie brand, D.AMANT, which has soon gained an unexpected success across the market.



Thanks to her capacity of always being ready to capture and anticipate the recent fashion trends, in 2017, Ms. Baldini has presented, in Paris and in Dubai, her first clothing collection – ANNALISA BALDINI MILANO.  Today, her brand is distributed across China, Switzerland and Canada.


On her opinion, her modus operandi is characterised by a strong, constant sense of competition, a continuous search for new challenges that she wants to cope with personally, while keeping a critical, vigilant eye over the small and big changes of the complex fashion industry.

She is able to create high quality and scenic dresses, while being delicately contemporary in the style – a combination of street style and subdued elegance, which are conceived to be mixed together and to interpret a newly unprecedented style. ABM collections contribute to build up a relationship between different elements that simultaneously belong to the past and to the future, on the basis of a particular ratio between consistency and divergence.


“All you should have” in your wardrobe is the core concept for the designer’s work; each moment in life deserves its own outfit, and it is absolutely fantastic to have the possibility of mixing different elements together, while respecting, at the same time, a sober but impacting style. The selection of premium, valuable materials is crucial. And it is with this assumption in mind, together with a sincere “obsession” for the made in Italy production, that Baldini has succeeded in making herself loved by pretentious private customers in Montreal, Jeddah, Cape Town, London, Paris and Monte Carlo. In all these cities, thanks to Trunk Shows wisely organised in collaboration with her important hosts, the designer can get noticed and appreciated – in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere -, while laying the foundations for her following well-reasoned steps, by exploiting her customers’ opinion about her creations to always offer something more.


Human relations are therefore at the very heart of the ANNALISA BALDINI MILANO brand’s policy: this has allowed the designer to gain a significant prestige internationally, and to shortly prepare and launch a new project, which still remains top secret by now.


She has commented: “The interaction and the integration between the brand and its end customers are today fundamental. In the existing plethora of brands, the quality of products and an excellent customer service are two elements that must always coexist. A brand cannot develop successfully if the interest in and the opinion of its customers are not at the centre of its policy”.

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