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Kostüme SS21 is the contemporary spirit that counteracts temporary trends


Founded in 2001 by Camila Milessi and Emiliano Blanco, Kostüme is the brand characterised by art, impulse and boundary pushing. Combining their individual tastes, identities and experiences, the Made in Buenos Aires brand makes a pertinent statement about the present and the future of fashion.

“Dressing up is not only covering our bodies, but about transmitting a message”.


Appealing to both ‘material’ and ‘immaterial’ modes of communication, Kostüme is deeply rooted in the power of synthesis. Creating clothing that exhibits a contemporary spirit whilst counteracting temporary trends first requires a unique design concept, one that is built upon multiple references. By creating clothing that is minimal and unadorned, Kostüme facilitates the space to strengthen an intangible message:

“Between abstraction and the real product is a thinking method that traduces that universe into pieces of clothing and accessories of pure and functional lines”.

Beginning from a palette of monochrome, the SS21 collection works with layers, seasonal colour injections and unique details that work both together and separately. Wide leg pants embellished with adjustable waist bands that can be worn clipped or tied, oversized tops that leave one arm bare, finished with uneven hem lines that fall seamlessly into their matching bottoms. Pushing against gender binaries, the collection appeals to functionality and style, morphing to suit the unique daily needs of the wearer. Rejecting the traditional structure of a fashion show, Kostüme strives for coexistence with the public, replicating the atmosphere of a rock concert: participatory, festive and dynamic. From a trip to Berlin, to Juergen Teller’s work, passing through Stanley Kubrick’s cinema or the Manchester scene in the late 80’s, the SS21 collection is based upon the idea that an artist will always return to whatever moves them.

Edited by Kaija Love

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