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Irema – how to give back to the planet what it offers to us


Irema – a Slow Fashion brand producing craftsmanship dresses and accessories – is now entirely devoting itself to a production aimed at reducing air pollution and carbon emissions.


The brand is in fact offering a timeless, all-year-round design collection including sustainable, recycled materials, dead-stocks and eco-friendly materials containing no hazardous substances such as nickel, lead, formaldehyde, amine, pesticides and heavy metals.


Irema markets a wide range of stylish clothing articles to complete everybody’s wardrobe. Among the most recent introductions, the company has produced a range of comfortable, warm ponchos in varied forms and sizes, which are realized in vivid nuances such as: the red, the blue, the mustard yellow, the brown, the turquoise, the green, the grey and the clay.


Designer Irema describes her sustainable approach towards fashion by using these words: “When I learnt sewing in my childhood, I could not imagine that my life would be surrounded by yarns, fabrics and beads in the future. My creativity continued to develop with my sewing technique and, for this reason, I decided to found a brand of my own. But my mission is not only that of making dresses, but I also want to have a positive impact on the environment, to give back to the Planet what it offers to me”.

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