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A young woman wanders through the forest, her clothes replicate the colours of the wood, but her unique and unmatched style makes her stand out in comparison to the nature which surrounds her. For its F/W 2020-21 collection DOUUOD, initially born as a kidswear brand in 2005 to later start a womenswear line too, was inspired by the wood’s autumnal colours – green, brown and camel -, which paired with some classic shades like white, black and grey and bright tints such as red and fuchsia. Romantic and with a bon ton style, DOUUOD’s woman likes to wear masculine garments too, such as wide herringbone trousers, sleeveless round neck sweaters and pinstripe suites. Here are some of the most original pieces from DOUUOD’s collection:

1. Snakeskin print dress  

The Italian brand offers various clothes embellished with the snakeskin print, but the sleeveless dress with shoulder pads, paired with the matching jacket creates a both bold and refined look, making the outfit suitable for formal occasions and for an easy-going style too.


2. Corset 

Echoing knights’ armors, DOUUOD’s corset is a masculine-inspired garment. Even its fabric, the herringbone wool, is a typically mannish one, which conveys a sophisticated and neat air to the sleeveless corset.


3. Quilted cape 

Merging two winter wardrobe’s staples, the cape and the quilted jacket, DOUUOD works them into a unique and sleek garment. Thanks to the hood and to its sleeves with side slits, the cape allows the body to move freely while still keeping it warm.


4. Little black dress 

A must-have inside a woman’s wardrobe, the black dress is suited for different occasions. The one designed by DOUUOD has large balloon sleeves and is made of cotton fleece, a fabric which modernizes the whole dress.


Edited by Aurora Pedrucci

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