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Eco Fashion Labels: An interview with CEO Mats Ridderström


Based in Prague, international marketplace Eco Fashion Labels was founded in 2017 to meet the increasing demand for sustainable, vegan, recycled and ethical clothing.
Today Eco Fashion Labels showcases over 50 brands across menswear, ladieswear and kidswear.
We met with Mats Ridderström, CEO, to discuss the drive behind the project and his views on the environment and sustainability.

1. How did the idea of launching ECO FASHION LABELS come about?

I come from a background working in multinational corporations and I felt I wanted to work with something more world-improving. My goal had always been to start my own business and I saw possibilities in the area of the fast-growing industry of sustainable fashion. We wanted to create an international marketplace where eco brands can showcase their products to the right target group and customers can choose from a large selection of brands. After a few years on the market we now aim to be the first marketplace for sustainable fashion to expand internationally on a larger level.  


2. Sustainability has become a trend that everyone is talking about. But in your opinion, has today’s consumer really understood the depth of this issue?

Not all issues. But I think that last year finally, with all the talk about environmental problems, people woke up to some extent. This includes fashion consumers. However, we see that it´s still the younger generations that are caring more about eco fashion, and women in particular. It also differs a lot from country to country. Scandinavia and Westerns Europe seem to be the front runners.


3. How do you choose the brands to offer to the customer?

New eco brands are popping up by the month now and established brands are changing their production to be more sustainable so there are many to choose from now. We require our brands to be sustainable by using organic, recycled, vegan materials or to be fair trade or ethically produced. They should also have a transparent and fair production chain. We focus on stylish brands setting the trend in eco fashion, we currently have a pipeline of 80+ brands that want to connect to our marketplace so it´s an exciting time to be in this industry.

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