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Be Coorvy, Too Sexy: T-shirt made in “Mamma Martina”

Be Coorvy

How often did you leave a store with your hands holding several shopping bags but with a feeling of widespread dissatisfaction? Many times? Now you have a remedy to this: “Be Coorvy”.

Mamma Martina is now 40 years old. One day, after a day of disappointing shopping, she has decided to change her wardrobe and her mood forever.

Be Coorvy
Be Coorvy

With the typical forms of a genuine Mediterranean woman, with her big breasts, curvaceous hips and a little belly due to the good local food, including the volumes of a marvellous pregnancy, she has decided to overcome her weight battle with the balance by creating her own brand – “Be Coorvy”.

Hence the idea of “something new”. Equipped with just a needle and thread and some cotton jersey – “the material so much hated by all seamstresses” (as she comments with a touch of irony), Mamma Martina has not hesitated from creating her T-shirts.

Be Coorvy

“My goal is to offer a comfortable fit to all my female customers in their everyday life. Offering an elegant outfit for events is something which is better handled by highly skilled designers: I prefer to focus on simplicity to be worn in a satisfying way by every woman”.

Be Coorvy is a full immersion in colours, day after day; it represents the joy after a shopping day which can reward the Mediterranean beauty.

Edited by Mariella Lamonica

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