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After the Summer

This particular and unusual Summer is now rapidly coming to an end as all previous summers have done. In a few days we will soon try and wear autumn garments before our mirror at home, in a seasonal routine that always invites us to change our wardrobe.

What are the garments that cannot be lacking in our wardrobe for the next Autumn? Three iconic pieces, all sharing premium materials, which do not accept compromises during the first days of rain:

1. The raincoat,

in its most classical form. Colour? The iconic beige by Burberry or a fluo nuance (but who knows if this trend is going to continue for long).

2. Patent leather boots,

a real lifesaver when it rains but also an irresistible piece with which you can play in a mix of contrast materials.

3. The cape in vinyl or tweed,

in a coloured or basic version, yet always funny or classical. You can choose your preferred one but it is mandatory to have one because this piece of clothing is going to protect you in those days when you go out and you immediately feel cold. If the cape is equipped with a hood, you will feel even more comfortable, like in a fairy tale.

Edited by Paola Maria Traspedini

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