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Suerte, italian fashion brand

Borned about ten years ago in Carpi, the brand Suerte it’s composed of all-female staff.
The intuition of these women and their creative input brought them very soon to open a showroom at the Centergross in Bologna.
The Suerte Collections were immediately appreciated, establishing itself in the italian fashion market, and been imported to other European cities such as Lisbon, Madrid, Dubai and Paris.

The right relation between quality and price comes to be the brand’s strong point. Its creative staff does not renounce to the use of fine materials or handcrafted finishes, but guarantees a competitive price that makes a democratic fashion product.

The collection SS 2016 by Suerte, is addressed to a fashion-conscious woman who loves the most innovative expressions and wants to dress with care and originality in everyday life.

Watch the SS 2016 Collection

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