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Shirtaporter SS18

Shirtaporter is a project born in 2010 from an idea of a design team including three “unusual” individuals who are very different from each other. After several years of experience in the industry, these three designers have decided to join their own specificity to develop a series of collections which, from one season to another, are always able to renovate themselves by incorporating still unexplored styles and forms. The look at the past is converted into classical femininity, which seems to be recovered from objects found in an attic, but also coming from the 1950s and from the 1930s Folk imagination, like, for example, embroidery works, jewellery and trimmings.


Modernity is here translated into All-over prints, “unusual” layers and in a strong play of contrasts, all mixed within a Metropolitan style.

The sophisticated woman by Shirtaporter for the Spring-Summer 2018 season dreams about exploring the century-old Silk Road, between Central Asia and the Middle East; she seems to get inspiration from China’s and Asia Minor’s cultures, as well as from the Mediterranean and the Japanese worlds.

The fabrics are depicted and painted with natural elements: waves, flora and fauna can create a perfect equilibrium combined with an aristocratic charm.


Lucky carps – symbol of bravery and perseverance – alternate with elegant legacy tattoo prints.


Jacquard prints, Lurex, patches and Pop details give a contemporary touch to the trousers, the skirts and the pea coats of this collection. Retro-style pyjamas, pompom trimmings and feathers offer a perfect balance between the past and the present, between romanticism and rigour, to the entire collection.


To conclude, all the articles from this collection can also be customised with patches and alphanumeric initials.

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