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Peech SS18 – Born in the jungle

Peech SS18 collection designed by Amedeo Piccione lays the foundations for a new brand life where Prêt-à-Porter fashion is at the centre. The already popular collection of valuable enamelled, lucky bijoux now includes a capsule collection of pleated skirts (in a single but versatile model) made in silk and cotton poplin (made in Italy at 100%). Over these skirts, the drawings by the stylist and illustrator take shape like in a canvas. 


The skirts have a 1950s fit design that is reinterpreted in a semi large bends construction. Each print has its own meaning. And, according to Amedeo, the prints represent the arrival and conquest over a fantastical island, while telling lived scenes in a jungle that has never been visited. By only closing your eyes, you can think of this jungle as heaven, and why not, as an urban symbol of the modern society, between reality and fantasy.


All drawings – realised with mixed techniques (hand-made or digital) – take inspiration from the paintings by French artist Henri Rousseau, who is famous for having depicted imaginary exotic landscapes which he had never visited (like Amedeo), but had only studied.

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