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Jann Bungcaras: Androgynous, Minimal and Ultimately Nouveau

The Jann Bungcaras Label is a genderless brand catered to those who embrace their idiosyncrasy. The brand uses elements of storytelling combined with social, political and personal issues to relate with his audiences and wearers.

Photo by BJ Pascual, Styled by Nicole Blanco Ramos, Make-up by Anthea Bueno

The Jann Bungcaras audience are people who are not afraid to take a stand, to speak up, to feel and to show their true selves and intentions even in the most subtle way as possible. In every collection there is a story and an issue tackled which will create an intimate conversation between the designer and the wearer.


Also labeled a slow fashion brand, Jann Bungcaras does not practice mass production, making his garments both ethical and personal. Ready-to-wear products are limited to the recycled materials available and everything is touched and finalized by him. Having only six workers, the Jann Bungcaras teamwork as a family- exchanging ideas, techniques and processes for the designer’s vision to come to life.

Photo by MJ Suayan, Styled by Gee Jocson, Make-up by Liz Santos

Being a Sustainable brand, Jann Bungcaras make use of leftover fabric, resources and waste from designer houses and factories. He makes sure that his production is Close-to-Zero Waste by saving in-house cuttings for future use. Finished garments should be made by more than 60% recycled materials.


The Jann Bungcaras Aesthetic is Androgynous, Minimal (as it focuses more on transparency, texture, experimentation on materials rather than bold colors,) and Ultimately Nouveau. The brand celebrates individuality and always praise narrated concepts in each piece created. Though Bold in storytelling, the brand always prioritizes comfort; however, sacrifices functionality to prove a point.

Photo by Orange and Teal

Edited by Miriam El Hachem

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