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FW 18-19 Federica Tosi, vibrant and decisive femininity

Federica Tosi is a label  founded  in  2016  by  the  designer, focused  on  an  innovative  and  extremely contemporary overviewof women’s clothing. A new concept of Made in Italy -supported by a broad and analysis of the product and market requirements-where craftsmanship and  design  find  concrete expression  in  minimalist  jewelry  pieces  and  sophisticated  and  eclectic  clothes,  with  a  strong  urban connotation,  as  the  result  of  a  collaboration  with  the  apulian  company  DG  Group  and  a  research  on materials.


Contemporaneity and sensuality are the grounds on which the new Fall Winter Collection 2018-19 designed by Federica Tosi is based on. Material overlappings, stylistic mix and matches and sporty details characterise a collection with a feminine urban touch: leather mini-skirts and big woolen jumpers, dresses and gym pants are now characterised by an extremely modern allure along with clean and sophisticated cuts. The silk which the shirts are made of meet the brightness of the satin and the softest chiffon used for the blouses.


The color palette insists on the shades of black and on its infinite variations, creating a rock and seductive taste that is the brand’s DNA. 

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