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Ferrante – A Passion for Essential Aesthetics

In any of its products, the Ferrante brand can boast sixty years of expertise, and passion for all the production stages, from the selection of the best yarns to the attention to detail. Amedeo and Emiliano, the two brothers now running the company, have grown following this craftsmanship tradition. In the second postwar period, Amedeo Ferrante – a merchant from the Abruzzo region (Italy) – understood the market potential for the combinations of different wool yarns, and so he decided to open a small knitwear business: his early collections soon became successful, providing great satisfaction both to the entrepreneur and to his sons, who later started to work in this family-run business.

For the FW 2016-2017 collection, the excellent workmanship of the dresses ranges within an attractive chromatic colour palette: a variety of black nuances, brown, beige, and cream colours embrace the pink and red colours, by creating unexpected combinations for an outspoken and trendy style. The silhouette seems to be intentionally elongated and fluid so as to create intuitive mixed outfits: jacket and skirt, shirt and trousers.

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