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Divine Follie chic shoes

Divine Follie

It is in Faenza, the town known for its ancient Palio named Niballo, precisely in Borgo Durbecco (aka White District), that the footwear history of Tanesini family began.

The company was born in the 40’s, when Giuseppe Tanesini started to manufacture men’s footwear in his little workshop.

Research, passion and artistic heritage, pave the way to Giuseppe’s first son Dominic and then to his two heirs Massimiliano and Mirko who, in the 90’s, create Divine Follie, a branch of Tanesini Ltd. specialised in women’s footwear.

Their shoes are elegant and casual, their style expresses the result of a long lasting experience in footwear industry. Production has always been organised and implemented mostly in Italy, with great dedication to the choice of leather and to its processing, providing consumers with a product that has always had an excellent quality/price ratio.

Divine Follie have their logistical-operational headquarters and their showroom at Centergross industrial area in Bologna, Emilia Romagna district, the homeland of Tanesini family and their old company.

Divine Follie shoes are designed for dynamic, elegant and sensual women, living their lives in a colorful way. Inside the showroom you will be caught by trendy and stylish footwear, always in line with current fashion trends. Boots, open-toe boots, ankle boots, all manufactured with refined materials and original cuts, capture the attention of customers from Europe and all over the world. Once you step inside our showroom, you will not want to visit any others. Women just want to be “Divine” and they fancy “Follies”!

Divine Follie
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