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Curvy Fashion now bears the signature of Made in Italy

Lattementa Curvy Fashion

The fashion of the so-called “large sizes” is an ever expanding market, with great growth opportunities. Curvy women have now achieved such a high level of awareness of their body and beauty that they don’t buy a dress or clothing article just to cover themselves. The selection and research about products within this market is always getting more and more refined, while the customers’ requirements are becoming higher and higher. Fashion is therefore adopting the “customer centricity policy” as well, so that the product can fit and meet the customer’s needs (and not vice versa).

In particular, it is estimated that, in Italy, 33-35% of the feminine population wears clothes of over the “L” size (i.e., over “46” for Italy, over “14” for UK), that is to say a population of about 10 million women. And, given these figures, we can clearly maintain that Italy is a successful market for curvy collections. This is indeed confirmed by the Italian company Lattementa, which is born from an idea of an entrepreneur from Bologna (Italy), Emer Larry Borgatti, who decided to start a new business on his own, during the early 1990s, in the industry of Fast Fashion.  With the dream of offering to each woman a fashionable and young stylish product, he founded in Italy one of the first curvy fashion houses for selling Fast Fashion collections. At present, in terms of distribution, the company covers a total of 400 multibrand stores and about 20 monobrand stores, almost all of them within the Italian territory.

From a distribution perspective, the main necessity was that of obtaining a more extensive widespreading for our products across the national territory. If, on the one hand, it is true that, during the last decades, we have observed a centralization of the products distribution and store location within largest stores and malls (for the necessity of finding everything, quicker and in the same place), on the other hand, our target market still prefers to buy at the local store. Our sales process is based on psychological needs, – Lisa Benati (Retail Manager) has told to our Book.

But the curvy revolution does not stop here. Now, the company is aiming at the conquest over the European market, with the launch of a new Prêt-à-porter collection.In reality, this is a preview that we offer to you – continues Lisa Benati–, It is a project still at the early preliminary phase, we have just begun to talk about it. Outside Italy, working with fast fashion is almost impossible. The most receptive markets for our stylish products mainly demand for a collection-based production. Yet, starting from January 2018, we would like to start with a first FW 2018-19 small collection. In this way, we will be able to test the new market with the objective of expanding our presence across the Italian territory, but, above all, of getting ready for a flawless landing across the rest of Europe.

In other words, the made-in-Italy production is now evolving thanks to far-sighted companies like this one, capable of undertaking new challenges at every occasion. Today, the curvy fashion represents one of these challenges, while Italian fashion should provide its support in taking the excellence of style into the wardrobes of all these marvellous women.

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