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Camomilla Italia: Women never stop

Camomilla Italia was founded during the 1970s, and it is about the story of every woman to be told through a clothing article, accessory or detail. The offer by Camomilla Italia has changed over the time, by becoming synonym of femininity, elegance and versatility. 


The top distinctive elements of this Italian fashion brand are creativity and quality, which have made Camomilla Italia a true reference for everyday wear. “Women never stop” is the pay-off by Camomilla Italia, which summarizes the corporate philosophy and mission: Camomilla Italia is addressed to all those women who are constantly in motion, strong and genuine, versatile and dynamic, looking for dresses to be shown off at every occasion, from the office to the leisure time, while distinguishing themselves for their womanliness and elegance. 


Among the must-have items making the brand highly recognizable, there is the traditional jacket or coat realised on a tailor’s cut, together with a wide range of shirts, knitwear and pants. All items are characterised by a sober, classy style, which is also visible in the accessory collection.  

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