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Antonella – When fashion means culture, tradition and quality

Maria Tesei – Founder of the Italian brand Antonella – is a charismatic woman with a great inclination towards innovation, thanks to her unlimited love for traditional tailor’s production. With a meticulous attention for the selection of high-quality raw materials, she can wisely reinterprets knitwear products in a totally original way.


The creative and productive process connected with her works is characterised by a constant research and continuous experimentation. The materials selection is therefore oriented towards impalpable fabrics, transparent blouses, delicate, romantic forms with strong, and well-defined patterns.


For the next Autumn/Winter 2018-19 collection, Antonella is using a new sophisticated and coherent language, and it is celebrating a tribute to womanliness and sensuality, in order to address a sweet, ethereal, light and, at the same time, modern and contemporary woman. All the dresses from the collection are perfectly fabricated in terms of finishings and proportions, and they are enriched with fantastic drapery, which inevitably recall the Fifties’ fashion lines with almost architectural forms, soft volumes, fluctuating flounces and voile – All matched with chenille yarn.

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