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1000V – not just a label

1000V is a high-end fashion brand based in Seoul (Korea) that was founded by sisters Volt to widespread their personal DNA across the globe.


The brand is designed for persons looking for high innovation, without limitation to a specific gender. As a matter of fact, the brand is addressed to everybody, without any gender, race or nationality restriction in mind.


The main goal of 1000V brand is to realize fascinating products capable of conveying positive vibrations to people when they look at them.


The branding image has an impressive look, while 1000V’s collections are aimed at “charging up” consumers with a lot of energy, leaving them as if they were electrocuted by them.


Tears, burns and unusual silhouettes mark the next SS20 season, including a variety of denim textiles, white or neutral nuances, as well as transparent or tech fabrics.

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