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Trend – Milk Chocolate

By analysing WSGN Instock’s insights, BOOK magazine could realise that, during the past SS 19 season, brown was the most popular colour and, accordingly, the most sold-out colour, in addition to be a promising nuance for the next summer as well.


Dark, coffee-coloured, nut-coloured, camel-coloured or beige, brown will be a style top player in the trends for SS20 fashion.


In particular, the most sophisticated colour in the past season’s palette will widespread in its medium, opaque nuances, as a true “milk chocolate” colour.


Apart from being an endless, classical nuance for the autumn season, brown is ready to make the next summer outfits stylish and sophisticated. Its match with the black colour will be particularly innovative to create darker-chocolate contrasts.


This trendy nuance will be applied to accessories, making belts, bags and knee-lengths or over-knee boots – including bikinis and beach kaftans – softer and stylish, so as to highlight the summer tanning.

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