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Trend – Denim

Today, denim is still one of the most popular and demanded fabrics across the global market as it is appreciated by any social class, age and gender and, above all, by every style.


Probably created from an Italian intuition, denim appeared for the first time in the city of Genoa during the Sixteenth century, when the blue canvas fabric was used to fabricate boat sails.


With the big migratory flows of the Industrial Age, in 1873 it arrived in the Americas, where the first denim jeans were created by Levi Strauss.


The canvas fabric from Genoa is always present at every season with a strong determination, and it is expected to be particularly popular in next Spring-Summer 2020 as well, when it is going to be worn from morning to night, in a variety of mixed blue nuances and on every clothing article.


The so-called “denim mania” is indeed contaminating every outfit; we will find classical jeans, baggy models, high-waist models and comfort fit jeans looking like tracksuits. The denim selection will also include suits of jacket and trousers or dresses and wide skirts.

Trend-Denim SS20

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