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Warm months bring plenty of inspiration for vibrant makeup and outfit colors and summer is the perfect time to play up with your most creative ideas. 

In particular, in the lines below, we focus on the main eyeshadows and eyes makeup trends. Infact, also wearing our Coronavirus masks, eyes remain uncovered and expressive and even though summer 2020 is different than the rest, it’s not canceled and we want to adapt at best.

This summer makeup trends are heavy on the eyes and light on the lips, according to Sofia Schwarzkopf Tilbury, creative executive of Charlotte Tilbury.

You can dare with colors; neon eyeshadow shades will be the protagonists.

  • Play with vibrant colors

Celebrate the new season and being outside again, with colorful and bright eyeshadow palettes. The ‘party in colors palette’, will become the norm and neon nuances, corals, vibrant orange-reds and greens, are used to recreate an 80s-pop style. 

  • Pops of blue

A color to be used a lot this year is blue, according to Pantone. Livelier colors brighten the face and bring a youthful glow to the skin.

Seth Obrien – Instagram influencer


  • Glittery euphoria

What’s summer without sparkle and chunky glitters to stand out and flaunt our tanning! 

  • Softly illuminated complexions

Unlike the bold colorful looks, this trend is all about soft and shaded colorations, for a flawless glow. If using an eyeshadow is too much for you, ease your way by playing with minimal colored eyeliners. 

  • Graphic white eyeliner

Rather than blending neutral shades for a traditional smokey eye, try pairing contrasting shadows for a graphic look. 

Nontraditional eyeliner colors, in the opinion of the makeup artist Patrick Ta, will continue to grow more and more popular and this looks will be impeccable with long lashes. 

Widny E Bazile

Widny E Bazile



  • Exaggerated eye shapes and extra voluminous lashes

It’s all about creating exaggerated shapes using softly blurred, blended blocks of color and loads of mascara. 

The secret weapon for a stylish and original makeup, is the colorful mascara.

Lastly, complete the look with an over the top blush; a touch of peachy-pink or magenta on the cheeks, is perfect for anyone who loves to pump it up a bit. 

Edited by Miriam El Hachem 

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