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Five woman looks for the next Autumn 2020

Five woman looks for the next Autumn 2020

We are now approaching the end of summer and a beautiful, colourful autumn season is waiting for us!

Let’s have a look at 5 outfits for the next autumn.

1. Total White

The Total White is going to be one of the trendiest looks for the next autumn season. Normally, the white colour was used for the summer season only to create a fantastic contrast with the suntanned colour of skin, but this year the skin candour matched to the white of fabrics is becoming a new trend.

For a perfect Total White look, you can see in the photo a jumper and optic-white pants, to be matched to off-white shoes, to create a Total Look by also combining different white nuances – a Casual look for the daytime.

2. The Eighties

The Eighties’ Look is another trend for the next winter season. You will find leopard fantasy patterns, oversize volumes, glossy fabrics and prints. All these elements can also be found together in one look, but the most important aspect is to limit the usage of fantasy patterns to create a continuum, as you can see in the photo.

In the photo, a leopard-skin jumper with red and light brown base, which is matched to a black, tone-on-tone leopard fantasy, hose and boots in gold – a Chic look for the evening.

3. Coloured Leather  

The usage of leather and eco-friendly leather in the autumn season is a traditional element and it offers protection against the rain and wind. But this year leather is coloured.

In the photo, a green, oversize jacket in leather up to the calf, matched to yellow and black striped hose and a black, décolleté shoe laced up to the ankle – the perfect outfit for the daytime.

4. Tailleur

The tailleur is a very popular outfit, a great classical look. But, like all classical elements they are always useful and customizable thanks to accessories, making this look contemporary and sophisticated.

In the photo, a look for the evening or formal events: a slim-fit, pinstriped tailleur with a jacket closed at the waist by a belt and Capri pants, all combined with a grey pullover and a white-pearl necklace.

5. Maxy Skirt

Finally, for the evening, the best outfit element is a maxi skirt to be matched to a simple design sweater.

In the photo, a look for the evening and for formal events. A maxi skirt with black background and print with red roses, matched to a brown, sweater with long, puffy sleeves, including a sash to highlight the waist.

Edited by Roberto Orru’

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