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Trending at Pitti 100: What Caught Book for Buyers' Attention - Book for Buyers

Trending at Pitti 100: What Caught Book for Buyers’ Attention

Trending at Pitti 100: What Caught Book for Buyers’ Attention

Sustainability, Superstyling, Fantastic Classics and Dynamic Attitude aren’t the names of a new iconic superhero team, but the categories presenting at Italy’s most interesting Man Fashion Fair 100th Edition: Pitti Uomo. Held in the stunning frame of Fortezza da Basso in Florence, the expo turns a page in fashion history, being the first fashion event directed and organized fully in presence after 2 years of social distancing. Restrictions are surely not over, but nowadays all this beauty and creativity clustered together is just breath-taking. For this novel edition, Pitti Uomo makes men’s fashion bloom again, highlighting some major fashion trends and hot new brands for the following and future seasons. Here’s what caught the eye of Book for Buyers’ editorial staff during the 3 intense days of  fashion.


“Questions concerning the future and the relationships between technology/nature and atomic/anatomic lead us to embark on a process like a heterotopic trip, through which we reflect on overcoming gender dualism, fighting an ironic war against sexual dimorphism.” Says Marzia Geusa, founder of REAMEREI together with creative directors Enrico Micheletto and Davide Melis in 2012.


Sisters who cultivate with care and dedication the passion for fashion and craftsmanship within the family company founded in 1944: from here Gi’n’Gi was born, an Italian brand rich in Tuscan tradition, grown through the expressive innovation of the most classic and timeless accessory: the hat! Intensely italian yet international, always adds that edge every outfit should have: putting an hat on it is always the right choice when it comes to perfect styling. Extraordinary care and quality at Gi’n’Gi are not only a plus, but a must.


Baracuta is one of the historic brands of British clothing. Born in Manchester in 1937, its iconic G9, G4 and G10 have become timeless classics. The G9, also known as Harrington Jacket, is still one of the most celebrated icons in the history of menswear. In recent years this classic British style icon, has also been adopted by several youth subcultures, including mod, punk, skinhead and various English rockers. Baracuta’s Flagship Store in Milan, Via de Amicis 24 is a true jewel of british attitude with an edge.


KOBF is a brand with a strong and irriverent aesthetic, on point with current trends, worn by celebrities in all artistic scenarios and by influencers who fall in love with the designer’s nonconformist aesthetic. A contemporary, cutting edge and irreverent brand with a radical position: its goal is creating a sustainable brand that is different from all the existing ones.


Italian style is nothing without a good shirt. Precise and continuous sartorial research was made a philosophy by the Neapolitan brand Giangi, creating high quality men’s shirt towards a guarantee of comfort and quality. Interpreting traditional italian clothing concepts, such as Scotland Yarn and special unique treatments into new designs Giangi talks to a sophisticated fashion-savvy clientele, always on the lookout for a jolly garment between formal and casual.