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VIAGARIBALDIUNO, the revolutionary project by Luisa Tazzari

On March 23rd, Luisa Tazzari – former owner of Big Boss – opened her new boutique Viagaribaldiuno. The project is marked by great renewal, both in terms of brand mix and sales mechanisms, in order to keep up with modern times. #BOOK for buyers interviewed her.


Luisa, can you talk about your career? When and how did your passion for fashion start?
I have been working in the Retail sector for almost 50 years. It now may seems an eternity, but, actually, the years have flown by. For the future, I’ve still got a lot of goals to achieve. I have always had a great passion and love for fashion. After concluding my studies at the University, where I graduated in law, I started to teach French at school. But, during one of my holidays periods in the Riviera of Romagna (Italy), I met a young man designing knitwear who produced his articles in Tuscany. I decided to go and visit him at his own factory, and I came back home with two suitcases full of marvellous sweaters and pullovers. My best friends soon became my first customers, and I then decided to make return to my friend’s in Tuscany in order to find new products; in that occasion, I bought a large quantity of top brands’ jeans and sweatshirts. Later on, I decided to open my own business at home; given the ever-increasing demand for new products, I undertook a new enterprise. In particular, I contacted a company based in Cattolica (Italy), which was at the beginning of its activity as well. It was the 1978 year.


How do you do your products selection? How can you successfully identify the top collection, materials, colours and trends with 18 months in advance?
It is not simple. It is an innate personal talent, like personal taste. Personally, I have always tried to give to each store a unique identity by keeping a leitmotiv in terms of elegance, luxury and research. I tried to leverage new materials and brands, but always keeping the market demand well in mind.

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