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Too lean models are now illegal

Too lean models are now officially banned! Recently, a new French law compelling fashion models to exhibit a medical certification assessing their good health conditions has been published on the French Official Bulletin: in particular, the new law requires that the medical certificate makes explicit reference to the model’s Body Mass Index (BMI). The certificate will have a 2-year validity, and sanctions of up to 75,000 Euro and six months in imprisonment for those who hire or recruit models who are not in good conditions are provided for.

But measures against anorexia and unreasonable aesthetic standards or requirements do not limit to this law. Starting from the next month of October, as a matter of fact, it will be required by law to indicate on all magazine photos, advertisements and on online websites whether the photo, and, in particular, the model depicted in it, has been edited or retouched in order to alter the image. Even in this case, the pecuniary sanctions will not be low, and they may amount to up to 40,000 Euro.

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