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The Dots… A bag celebrating the freedom of expression

The Dots… brand name gets inspiration from the ellipsis or three dots sometimes used at the end of sentence when someone wants to express or say something without writing it clearly. The name is also used to strengthen the idea of an accessory intended as “art to be applied”, capable of communicating new ideas, while describing the personality of an individual and giving a sense to simple, ordinary things.


According to Ral Teofilova, the brand’s designer, bags are the symbol of the need for limiting the typical Fast Fashion mass consumption, with the objective of satisfying the wish of owning durable objects that, at the same time, can define the different personalities of those who wear them.





The bags by The Dots… are made in Italy by using specialised craftsmanship techniques, high-quality materials, Italian-origin leather and suede leather for the outer parts, and velvet for the bags interior parts. 


In particular, customers can find three different sizes: Micro, Mini and Regular; all models are equipped with removable leather straps and metal accessories.


The Dots… is able to produce bags that can last and, at the same time, renew themselves thanks to an extraordinary quality of materials and to its Classical form factor. In addition, exchangeable accessories help in renovating the bag layout depending on one’s temporary mood and personality.


The collections by The Dots… do not follow the seasons’ evolution and are considered as a true “concept”. The collection concept is directly expressed on the plaque that can be applied to the bag itself, through the development of a creative idea that goes beyond the mere concept of Fashion and aesthetics. It assumes a customised “meaning” according to the interpretation by those who wear it.


The three dots at the end of the brand’s logo do therefore get the symbolic meaning of co-sharing an idea. This allows those who wear an accessory to fill the ellipsis with the concept that better represents them.

In so far, The Dots… has created four different concepts: ORIENTAL POP ART, REFLECTIONS, INCANTESIMI (SPELLS) and FLUFFY POMPOM COLLECTION. All of these concepts are accompanied with relevant series of enamelled-metal plaques to be applied, at one’s discretion and taste, on briefcases and bags by using the same iconic three dots as a clip. In particular, within the REFLECTIONS concept, the three sentences (that are hand written and then laser cut in Black and White) recall the typical Pop culture T-shirts in their simplicity. 


These sentences are used to express our idea of love, our opinion on ourselves and on the others and, somehow, they complete the Oriental Pop Art concept.

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