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Tribute collection: SUSANA MADRID for ALMA ROSA

SUSANA MADRID’s drop starts with the creation of this capsule collection: a summer style that brings joy through color & positive phrases.


Susana Madrid, footwear designer


SUSANA MADRID is aiming to bring awareness to all women, educate and inspire them to love themselves and their bodies. Inviting them to go and get regular check ups and encourage women around them to do the same!



SUSANA MADRID has partnered with the Alma Rosa non-profit organization from Colombia, which brings awareness to breast cancer, educating women to do self-breast exams and get regular check ups, while also helping those in need with their treatments. SUSANA MADRID is blessed to be able to support their cause with a percentage of the capsule collection sales so they can continue encouraging and filling the hearts of so many women with love, hope and smiles!

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