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SS 2018 – Gypsy notes for Elisa Cavaletti

Daniela Dallavalle – Founder and Creative Director at Elisa Cavaletti womenswear brand – is still turning heads with her Spring-Summer 2018 collection inspired by Gypsy style, where creativity and inventiveness predominate.


Each designer’s creation is conceived as a single, valuable piece of art that tells about a story and transmits energy. The latest collection is undoubtedly full of energy, which is conveyed through the colours of earth, sophisticated processing and patterns enriched with asymmetrical forms. Heraldic prints, striped patterns, blue denim, washed-out fabrics, relief stitchings, light fabrics, transparencies, and overlaps are some of the top features for the next Summer.


In line with tradition, the brand has created unique clothing articles, each telling about a different story. But, looking at the entire collection, they tell us about a unique, great story. This particular characteristic of the brand permits to interpret each single article in its uniqueness, without neglecting the wider concept of this collection


There are no clothing matches: each clothing article is paired to and completes the others in a free manner, allowing unlimited combinations and abandoning rigid matching schemes.

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