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The rooms of sustainable fashion

Last Saturday, the Pistoletto Foundation based in Biella (Italy) has hosted the exhibition-event entitled “Le Stanze della moda sostenibile” (“The rooms of sustainable fashion”) dedicated to fashion, design and the arts, concurrently with the first edition of the Turin Fashion Week. collection.


How can the fashion industry continue to distribute beauty with its products, while creating a positive impact on people’s life and the economic organizations that produce them? The exhibition-event entitled “Le stanze della moda sostenibile” (“The rooms of a sustainable fashion”) has been developed around this question.


The exhibition concept – based on the principles of Social Innovation Design – has focused on the debate on how and when the fashion industry can become a virtuous mechanism, whose social and environmental impact gets positive for people. The event has hosted various fashion brands and designers, public institutions and private companies, as well as many artists and activists from different nationalities: all of them had projects based on the concept of “Social Impact Fashion” in common. As a matter of fact, a Sustainable Fashion has been the leitmotiv of this event.


In addition, the event has been part of the first edition of Turin Fashion Design Week, within a larger framework event entitled Torino Creative City for Design Unesco, taking place in Turin in October 2017, during the first General Meeting of the World Design Organization.

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