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Philosophy by Lorenzo Serafini lands at Clan Upstairs

Clan Upstairs, a long-established concept store in Milan and a reference point for the Brera shopping district, has dedicated an exclusive area to the collections of Philosophy by Lorenzo Serafini.


A store inside another store, which has been created to merge two different realities but also two similar visions: Philosophy represents an up-to-date Romanticism. Lorenzo Serafini – Creative Director at Philosophy – together with Fabio Bisogno and Sarah Spaak – owner of Clan Upstairs store -, has decided to convert a store area to create the “Milanese home” for Philosophy brand. The new space is half a dreamful “walk-in closet” and a “flat living room” in the city centre of Milan.


In addition to the clothing and accessory collection, a selection of gowns and evening dresses is also presented – unique pieces getting inspiration from the creations worn on the Red Carpet and exclusively on sale during the Milan Fashion Week (September 17/23, 2019).
This “store inside a store” is born with the intention of becoming a place of meeting among different experiences, as well as a shopping environment connected with the world designed by Lorenzo Serafini. His creations are taken to life in a place where identity is a coherent expression of aesthetics and authenticity.

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