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Emancipated Erotic Mood: the first N 21 co-ed catwalk

“I wanted to do a co-ed show with the women’s and men’s collections because I care about giving a narrative unity to my idea of fashion. I think Fashion is a unique and global concept and that only a person who wears the clothes expressing it is able to personalize it.” These are the words used by the Creative Director at Alessandro dell’Acqua brand, which, for the first time, presents its SS 2020 Collection in a co-ed catwalk; the catwalk show the sense of an emancipated eroticism in terms of sensual expressions which inspire over the new collection.


The collection breaks with the classical moralist scheme, now men and women wear the same outfit but without being part of the No-gender category. Lines, volumes and fantasies make two genres meet together in a constant dialogue.

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