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Morfosis SS19: Going on… (Imperfection 4)

Strict lines softened by sinuous accents and the classic colors typical of the Prince Regency Era of George IV reveal the new SS19 collection by Morfosis.


Precious fabrics and mild/gentle shapes are intertwined to create soft jumpsuits and long dresses, but at the same time stiffer profiles distinguish silk and floral chintz blouses and midi skirt while the trousers and skirts emphasize their materiality thanks to their leather variations and tulle inserts. The color palette is dressed in bold shades of blue, green and black, mitigated by softer shades of gray, white and pink, encapsulating a modern concept of romanticism and femininity in a contemporary way.


From imperfections to contrasts, the brand Morfosis pursues and reaches its relative, sophisticated, incisive and vigorous essence by telling new paths that unfold in the forms of a feminine way of dressing that suits a contemporary woman seeking in the ordinary her sense of being extraordinary.

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