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Interview with Monica Yong

Monica Yong is the founder of Mey srl, a womenswear company in the Fast Fashion industry which is born in 1999 and based in Brescia, Lombardy (Italy), distributing the products from the namesake brand MONICA YONG. Today, she tells about her and her brand to Book for Buyers magazine.


How do you remember about your début into the fashion industry?
My passion for fashion has always accompanied my life; for this reason, since I have decided to get involved personally by starting up a business of my own, it has been natural for me to directly deal with the clothing industry. From the very beginnings, I have obtained a great success into the market: as a matter of fact, my customers have immediately appreciated the products created by me and my team; this has permitted to obtain a constant growth for my business, while always keeping the continuous improvement in mind.


According to Monica Yong, what will be the “must have” for the next season?
Probably, for the incoming season, the outfits to wear should include a fantasy-pattern maxi dress or a clothing article recalling the 1980s style, such as a maxi pullover or an Animalier-pattern article.


What are the geographic regions in which the market demand is higher?
The Italian market is positively responding to our offer, but the demand is also expanding in Germany and Austria, followed by Russia, the United States and Hong Kong.


What are your projects for the future?
The new MONICA YONG’s brand ambition is that of positioning itself as a recognized brand into the market, becoming a benchmark for the Fast Fashion industry.


The dynamics of Fast Fashion have overturned the traditional process and pace of fashion; how do you managed in combining the originality of production with the rapidity characterizing the Fast Fashion process?
Our constant mission is that of following the most important trends, especially in terms of fabrics, by actively participating into the most significant Fashion Weeks across the world. The desire of communicating and conveying our personal taste does still remain strong, while preserving an original and authentic style, thanks to the support of our team of designers.

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