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Minimal To, radiantly surrealist atmosphere

Minimal To is a womenswear brand founded by Danila Olivieri, Stefano Sberze and Elisa Mazza. They meet each other at IED (European Institute of Design) in Milan , where they study and graduate. In 2011 they meet again in Turin, where they decide to join forces and personal hopes for a common project.


Theirs is a disillusioned idealism: to dreams they prefer certainties. Their ideas take shapes in timeless items: essential, sophisticated, rigorous and fresh together. Minimal To was born from the unceasing observation of the changing society, the creative boost to the birth of their collections.


Natural and hi-tech fabrics are shaped in a radiantly surrealist atmosphere in which it is possible to play according to absolutely personal rules free from conventions. Minimal To design conveys the desire for greater relationship between clothing and the person who wears it, through meticulous research of shapes and fabrics which adapt to the body and of one’s own interpretation, into a new concept of Made in Italy.

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