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MIA16: a celebration of craftsmanship, research and innovation

MIA16 can be considered as a branch of Milani corporation, the Italian leader in the production of leather or fabric sofas and office seats. A quality of the brand is the use of sophisticated, premium-quality materials, to be combined with unique craftsmanship skills and a strictly made in Italy manufacturing.


The details make every MIA16 bag a unique, easily recognizable item. The so-called “rigatino” pattern (with narrow stripes) is considered as the leitmotiv for the models creation – a true exclusive feature. Leather is processed, pressed, printed and customised in different ways to obtain a rigorous but elegant, contemporary pattern.


The studying of lines and forms is developed according to an accurate architectural vision which is contaminated by colour. A long, meticulous process is carried out between design and material, between different forms and arts.

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