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Mary D’Aloia launches a Luxury collection

The brand named after her founder and designer is now launching the Luxury SS 2017 collection, just one year after its foundation. With the same objective of maintaining high quality standards in terms of style, Mary D’Aloia has created a Luxury line, that is aimed at consolidating the workmanship of its niche production, and at combining with an effective expansion strategy. The creation of dresses for moments of extreme elegance, turning the women’s special occasions into unique and unforgettable memories, is the guiding thread for future collections as well. The selection of three top model testimonials marks the apotheosis for the brand’s communications strategy, already tested with the fast fashion collections by Mary D’Aloia. Mariana Rodriguez, Isabelle Cutrim, and Ariadna Romero are dressing clothes from this collection with great charm and style.

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