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Mario Caruana presents his FW2019-20 collection

Mario Caruana is a designer born, raised and based in Sicily and his attachment to Sicily is evident in everything he does. “After studying architecture in Florence he launched his eponymous brand with limited edition sweaters hand-knit by women in the Belice Valley fascinated by the sartorial talents of these women who passionately persevered their artisanal skills in a land faraway from the traditional crossroad of fashion in Italy. I decided to express this tradition in contemporary way”. In his quest, Mario discovered passionate knitters who make sweaters one-at-a-time, using a mechanical handloom: he provided them whit his designs, and sold the sweaters exclusively made-to-order, mainly by word of mouth. Since then his architecturally-inspired instarsia pattern knitwear has attracted a clientele who appreciate timeless design.

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