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Interview with Leonardo di Candia, Italy Sales Director for Lumberjack

During the last edition of MICAM, BOOK for Buyers had the opportunity to interview Leonardo Di Candia – Italy Sales Director for Lumberjack.



What are the novelties for the SS20 season by Lumberjack?
Like for Pitti Fashion Show, we are presenting a collection to celebrate the birth of Lumberjack also during MICAM. Our company was founded in 1949 and it now celebrates its fortieth anniversary. To exploit this opportunity, we have consolidated the brand’s project by relaunching its image through new “souls” and projects which are absolutely different from one another. This approach is far from the brand’s classical marketing strategy.
The distinctive lines of the brand remain within the main collection so as to maintain the brand’s “heritage” but also to reinterpret it with a lot of stylistic innovations. The main collection is backed by a more Sporty line denominated “Lumberjack Sport”.
This project has almost started like an experimentation during the last summer, but, thanks to its market success in terms of sales, we have decided to create a true line of production for Sports. “Lumberjack Sport“ is characterised by a strong Sporty style but with different “souls” inside: from outdoor to lifestyle outfit, up to the running-inspired sneaker shoes denominated “Urban Run”.
In a few words, we wanted to merge our tradition and heritage with the current market trends. As a matter of fact, in Italy, the most successful companies in the market are currently those with a Sporty character.
In addition to this great novelty, to celebrate our anniversary, we have added a new clothing collection, which has paraded like a “queen” at Pitti Fashion Show presentation. We have created not only overcoats and jackets, but, for the first time, we have designed for Lumberjack other articles such as T-shirts, Polo shirts, Bermuda shorts, trousers with classical lines and with special prints or trimmings. The marketing start has been good as we have already sold 50,000 items so far.


What about your future projects?
Our brand’s future projects are centred around the consolidation of its Sporty soul. Although we have created three different Lumberjack’s “realities”, if we want to call them like that, we should highlight that we are just at the beginning of this new evolution process. The Sporty line can be multifaceted and the possibilities of expressing oneself through the Active line are much wider. Obviously, the process should gradually be developed into single steps and, according to the obtained results, we will decide how to continue. Under any circumstances, Sport will represent the leitmotiv in the next seasons in terms of style and materials, both for the clothing and for the accessory lines.


What about eco-sustainability according to Lumberjack?
Eco-sustainability is an issue which we are absolutely aware of. It is not by chance that our logo bears the “Urban Nature” slogan. Starting from the very name of our brand, “Lumberjack” (connected with “woodcutting” or “forest”), our DNA can distinguish itself for its double meaning: Urban and Natural. Our intention is indeed that of making Lumberjack brand more and more eco-friendly, with our Sporty outfit having zero impact on the natural environment.

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