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FW 19-20 by Liviana Conti: timeless, minimal style

In a world almost saturated by “things” and where everybody seems to run faster and faster every day, the FW 19-20 Collection by Liviana Conti offers a more relaxed lifestyle. The mission is to enhance an approach which is opposite to the “use and throw” approach, through a sophisticated research of high-quality textiles. Liviana Conti focuses on details and volumes, by enhancing her clothing items with a tailor’s cut, and creating a timeless style for her jackets and pants – under simple but extremely sophisticated patterns. Trenches, coats and long dresses all convey a masculine/feminine charm which is absolutely intriguing. The textiles offer a classical texture to be reinterpreted through asymmetries adding a new touch to all pieces.


The FW 19-20 Collection by Liviana Conti includes a sophisticated but essential colour palette, where the greys are used to update the traditional Winter white and pastel range. The camel nuance – an ‘ever green’ for traditional womenswear – is highlighted with the use of intense red and fuchsia, while the green nuances are shaken up over feminine forms and lines.

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