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So curvy, so faux fur, so Lattementa

Curvy Fashion is now expanding its horizons and is conquering the hearts of trendy women loving animals. The new FW 2018-2019 collection presented by Lattementa is centred on eco-friendly furs, characterised by vivid colours and a soft texture.


Lattementa is part of this eco-friendly revolutionary trend, which is now widespreading across the fashion industry.


True “must-haves” for the next season are the teddy bear overcoats which are proposed by this made-in-Italy brand in light blue hues.


With Lattementa, for those women requiring a comfortable fit and wearing sizes over 46 (18 for US; 14/L for the US), it is possible to dress up in an elegant, original style by emphasizing the strengths of their body. Women can therefore feel totally at ease with their body shape and forms.

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