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LAETITIA: the future is female

Laetitia is an Italian brand born in 2013 in the very heart of Tuscany, an Italian region which is renown for its craftsmanship’s production, its refinement and care for details, as well as for leather tanning and production, becoming famous all over the world. Laetitia is a young brand that is developed from the initial design stage to the final product, and its production is entirely based in Italy.


Each product is manufactured according to high-craftsmanship techniques, including different processing methods and meticulous controls. The “Laetitia’s woman” does frequently travel for business and for leisure; she doesn’t like to follow the mainstream trends and she does distinguish herself for her quest for a personal, not so obvious style. The traditional manufacturing techniques, its accessories and colours do represent the distinctive features of this brand. Its selection process favours raw materials which can offer the naturalness and softness of leather and a uniform grain, with no imperfections or scratches, so as to guarantee authentic, valuable products.

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