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Kendal Jenner is a world’s top model

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Kendal Jenner is a world's top model

Gisele Bundchen isn’t the world’s highest-paid top model any longer.  


Kim Kardashian’s sister is now taking her place in the annual classification edited by Forbes Magazine.  At only 22, Kendal occupies the top position with 22 million euro earned in 2017.


The second position goes to Gisele, with 17 million euro, while the third position is occupied by U.S. (with Asian origins) Chrissy Teigen (with 13.5 million dollars).


The latter has entered the top 10 thanks to her numerous followers on Instagram, a front cover for Sports Illustrated magazine, and to various collaborations with beverage brands Vita Coco and Smirnoff. At the fourth position, there is now the Brazilian top model Adriana Lima, who has been the testimonial for the lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret for over 15 years. She has lost a position if compared to the previous year, with 10.5 million dollars totalled in 2017.


Another Insta-girl, Gigi Hadid, has gained the fifth position, with a total income of 9.5 million dollars, sharing equal results with the British top model, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

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