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Discover the wonderful world of Judy Zhang!

Judy Zhang is a New York-based ready-to-wear brand launched in 2019 by global citizen and Fashion Designer Judy Zhang. A self-made businesswoman, Judy started her career in fashion in Shenzhen, China. One to defy social conventions and expectations, after 12 years working as a professional, Judy moved to Milan in pursuit of an MFA in fashion design at Istituto Marangoni. After graduation, she brought her namesake brand to New York, making Judy Zhang an international brand that calls New York, Milan and Shenzhen home.


Being a woman who embraces her success, independence, as well as her unique femininity, Judy shares her perspective on feminism through her collection with this sartorial announcement: a woman can be feminist and feminine. Judy Zhang is creating a collection inspired by the characteristics she admires in brilliant women of the past and present, and Judy hopes her collection will influence women in the future.

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