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Items: Is Fashion Modern? 

Special exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, with major support provided by WGSN.


After over seventy years, fashion is back at MoMa for its second time. Yesterday, the Museum of Modern Art in New York has opened the exhibition curated by Paola Antonelli and Michelle Millar Fisher from the Department of Architecture and Design, entitled Items: Is Fashion Modern?, which is scheduled to remain open until 28th of January 2018. Unlike the traditional fashion exhibitions, this will not only focus on clothes or the history of one or more designers, but it will be entirely dedicated to the clothing articles that have had a great impact on the entire world during the Twentieth and Twenty-First centuries, and which are still today exercising a certain influence over our culture.

The legendary white T-shirt.

From Levi’s 501, to the white T-shirt and the legendary nylon backpack by Prada. As a total, visitors will have the opportunity of seeing 111 clothing pieces, subdivided according to different theme areas, telling how fashion has changed our society in the last century.
The exhibition will also include concept dresses and accessories, such as the Little Black Dress or the Birkin by Hermés, describing the fashion evolution in its entirety.

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