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Italian fashion sponsorises for Dravet syndrome research

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On 27th of September, the golf pro-am competition entitled “In Buca per un sorriso” has taken place at Garda Golf Country Club – Brescia (Italy). This sports event was aimed at sponsoring research on the Dravet sydrome (also known as SMEI, “Severe Myoclonic Epilepsy of Infancy”), a genetic disorder affecting children, which is still very unknown. As sponsors for this edition, several Italian fashion companies have added. During the auction taking place at the end of the event, Mary D’Aloia has donated a dress from the FW 2016 -2017 collection, while Cains Moore – a leading brand in the cashmere production – has given a beautiful stole in Guado blue, an ancient technique using natural dyeing of plant origin (woad).

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