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Interview with Saveone

#Tell us more about SAVEONE. How was this brand born?
Our Brand was born in 2017 when Andrea Melchiorre, fashion blogger and digital entrepreneur, decided to found a menswear E-commerce business capable of combining his passion for this job with his lifetime dream, i.e., to open a clothing store. After the first year of activity, a Product Manager at a prestigious Italian fashion company sensed the opportunity of becoming part of an interesting project and decided to get involved. This is how our start-up company was born, with an absolutely high productive, communicative and managerial expertise from the very beginnings.


How was this brand born? What is SAVEONE name derived from?
In the past, founder Andrea Melchiorre had opened a T-shirt brand together with some of his friends, who in the end abandoned the business after a few years. As he did not want to give up this project, and the dream of opening a fashion brand of his own, he decided to continue the activity on his own. Thus the idea of founding an international brand came out: “Saveone” literally means “Save one”, also reflecting his mood at that time.


What is the brand’s target? Who are your end consumers?
Saveone is mainly addressed to those men who like to dress in a simple, comfortable way but who care for details, which is the main feature for this Italian brand.


What are your future projects?
In the next future, we intend to expand our brand across Europe and beyond, mainly relying on our made-in-Italy heritage, which is at the basis of most of our products. In addition, we will be firmly committed to acquire and integrate into Saveone other brands that share our philosophy.

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