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Today, more than ever, consumers demand that fashion brands commit to be more inclusive.

A lot of consumers are tired of seeing the classic fashion’s stereotype of the perfect woman or man on magazines, and the majority of them feels left aside due to the lack of diversity inside the fashion system.

Could psychology be what fashion needs to change its pattern?

Surely psychologists know how to help the fashion industry solve its systemic issues, and they could help “fashion workers” unlearn their prejudices instead of focusing on their wrong individual attitudes or actions.

If we want to see a real change, we have to start thinking about diversity as a value rather than a flaw. A successful example is Vogue UK, led by Edward Enninful, the first black editor of the magazine, who aimed for inclusivity since his appointment in 2017, bringing new creativity and innovation to the magazine.

Although some brands are already trying to readjust, like Gucci Beauty, who recently shot an editorial with Vogue Italia in which the focus is unconventional beauty, the road to the acceptance of diversity is still long.

Edited by Aurora Pedrucci

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